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Full Moon Workshop
We are proud to have our very own workshop - run by our very own Nanny and Grandad Moon! 
Based in Devon ( where I grew up!) - we have set up the Full Moon Crystals Workshop. 
We have a few  different offerings from the workshop which you can read about below.
Contact us for any orders or questions on:



Grandad Moons Reworked Metal

These are recycled metal items completely re-worked, welded, sprayed and made into amazing sphere stands. This is a lengthy process and involves huge amounts of skill but this is Grandad Moons favourite part to do!

Wooden Sphere Stands

These are ethically sourced/recycled pieces of wood sliced, dried, sanded, treated and made into beautiful natural sphere stands. Finding the right pieces of wood is a time consuming process but the finished product is so worth it!


Crystal Grids

Made from recycled wood, these are cut, sanded, burnt ( to imprint the grid) and treated for completely one of a kind crystal grids! These grids take around 1hr to make each and involve a huge amount of skill and patience to get them right! 

Nannys Reclaimed Treasures

On Nannys many adventures to charity shops, bootsales and various other treasure coves, Nanny is finding one of a kind pieces which can be re-purposed as sphere stands and crystal holders! This is Nanny's favourite part to do and she loves finding something unique which can then be fulfilled in a whole new way!

Craft Materials

Bespoke Orders/Projects 

We are able to make bespoke pieces on commision. These would be out of metal or sometimes wood depending on the design - please note Nanny and Grandad moon, although highly skilled, are not actual carpenters so the designs are somewhat restricted but we are always happy to discuss your requirements and find something which works for you. 

For bespoke pieces the price will be agreed and paid half upfront then half on completion. A point to note is the price of metal at present is approx £10pm and thus making pieces from new can be costly, although of course incredibly unique and beautiful to you! For any bespoke enquiries please DM/email your ideas and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Turnaround time for bespoke pieces can be from 2 weeks plus.