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The beginning of Full Moons journey…

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Hey guys, in todays blog post I wanted to share with you all a bit about full moons journey, and how it all started. We don’t really talk too much about our journey with the crystals on social media, so I thought that here would be the perfect place, so if this is something that interests you then carry on reading… It all started during the first lockdown, of 2020 when both my mum and I were going through an amazing spiritual awakening. During the lockdown, it was really the first time that we properly tapped into our spiritual selves and started to understand the true powers of the universe. We developed a growing interest in crystals and energetics and had the idea of starting a crystal business. At the time, the idea seemed too hard and impossible, but as we’ve learnt with this business, nothing is impossible! We decided to start an instagram account and let it grow from there. Next we found a supplier and chose out our first batch of crystals, and we were absolutely amazed with their energy, and just how many of these amazing stones there were in the world.

Our first ever order was one that i’ll never forget- it was a small rose quartz angel which we sold for £10, and although it wasn’t much money, we felt overjoyed that somebody had chosen our business to trust and buy from. The order came late at night, and I remember getting out of bed to wrap it and write a note with it, because I was just so excited that it was all happening for us.

After our first order, we had so much more confidence in both ourselves and our business, and so we felt much more prepared for our first live. Our first live was probably not our best, and we were so nervous and had absolutely no idea expect, but we loved it and knew that we had made the right decision with this business. Doing the crystal lives has always been my favourite thing about full moon, I love the way that we can all connect through something we love while also being with like-minded people. Something that i’ll always be grateful for with the crystal lives, is the confidence that they have given me. The fact that I am able to talk to so many people about something that I love is amazing and something that I am very proud of.

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