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Spending time with nature

Hey guys, in todays blog post I wanted to talk about the importance of spending time in nature, and connecting with its grounding energy. I personally aim to go for at least one walk in our local woods every day, because I love surrounding myself with both mother natures beauty and her energy!

Spending time in in nature offers an immense grounding energy that reconnects us with the Earth and al

so provides so many physical, mental and spiritual benefits! When we fully immerse ourselves in natural surroundings, wether it’s a forest, a beach or even a park, we experience a deep connection to the Earths energy. The natural world operates at its own pace, and when we tune into it, we can reconnect with our truest selves, and take a few moments away from the fast paced, and sometimes stressful every day life. The grounding energy of nature helps to reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. When we really tune into nature, and listen out for sounds such as the wind brushing against leaves, and the birds singing, our minds instantly calm down and we feel at one with the universe. These experiences allow us to shift our focus away from worries and low vibration thoughts, and instead helps us move into thoughts of peace, relaxation, and happiness.

Nature serves as our sanctuary, a place where we can connect with our truest selves and the universe. It’s grounding energy can help us to find feelings of tranquility and inner peace with ourselves, acting as a balm for the mind, body and soul- helping to sooth the chaos from everyday life.

However, a lot of people lead very busy lives, where they don’t always have the extra time to spend outside everyday, so another great way I love make sure I’m getting some grounding energy on busy days, is through crystals. One of my personal favs which is known for its grounding energy is Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a powerful, protective crystal which can not only absorb and transmute negative energies, but also helps to connect you to Mother Earth, and promote feeling of safety and stability! If your interested in buying any of our ethical sourced black tourmaline, then head over to our website!

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