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Rose Quartz for Self-Love

I am personally a huge fan of Rose Quartz! I feel like Rose Quartz is seen as a crystal which is over-hyped and maybe not worth all of the attention that its given. However I definitely do think that it is worth the hype and here’s why! My journey of self love has been a long one, and it’s a journey that I’m still on. we all are. When I had my first spiritual awakening, and first started getting into crystals and learning about them, there was one crystal I absolutely could not stand…and yup you guessed it, it was Rose Quartz. I didn’t want it anywhere near me and I felt really uncomfortable being around it.

After a few months of basically avoiding Rose Quartz I realised that the reason I felt like I couldn’t be around it, why I hated to touch it, was because I felt these things about myself. I didn’t love myself and so I couldn’t love the so called ‘crystal of love.’

I started to journal about my feelings towards myself, I started to do self-love meditations and overtime as my love for myself was beginning to grow, I was able to hold a small piece of Rose Quartz. This was a huge achievement for me, that a crystal I could not stand to be around a few months ago, I was now able to hold! I continued with my journaling, meditations, affirmations etc and I slowly started to subconsciously surround myself with Rose Quartz. I would carry it around, I would have it in my bathroom, my bedroom, and on jewellery.

And now, I have huge pieces of rose quartz everywhere. I love it and it loves me. It helps me feel worthy of love and happiness, and it can help you too. No matter where you are on your self love journey, wether your just starting out or you’ve been on it for a while, Rose Quartz will help you to grow and love yourself in ways you probably never thought possible.

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