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Lets talk about some of my fav crystals

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Hey guys! For those of you who follow us on IG and TikTok, you’ll know that we are going to be restocking our shop this week, which is super exciting as its been so long since we’ve had new crystal babies for you all! The new restock, has inspired me to talk to you guys about some of my all time fav crystals, so that’s what we’re going to talk about in todays blog post.

When I started out on my crystal/spiritual journey, I was suffering with extremely bad anxiety, so bad that I couldn’t leave the house to do anything. I decided to get some Black Tourmaline to keep in my bedroom and just to carry around with me throughout the day and it made a huge difference. I found that it was one of the only things which could ease my anxiety and it was the first crystal I truly connected with. Black Tourmaline is known for its protective properties both literally and figuratively which although I didn’t know at the time, it was exactly what I needed. Knowing I had a ‘crystal of protection’ near me, greatly eased my anxiety and definitely helped me to relax. Even though it was quite a few years ago now that I fell in love with this crystal, I still have it everywhere just not for the same reasons.

Black Tourmaline helped me to overcome my anxiety, and to face it head on, and now that I've healed from the causes of it, I am able to love Black Tourmaline for different reasons, like its grounding energy, and helping me to connect to the earth. Another reason I am obsessed with black tourmaline is because of how it can enhance my awareness and insight, giving me access to higher levels of consciousness and intuition!

My next favourite crystal which I’ve also had a long and amazing journey with, is Moss Agate. Moss Agate is an incredible crystal which I’ve had an equally incredible journey with, so lets get into it. I’ve always been a very outdoorsy person, and have always loved nature. However, last year I was going through a really rough patch and wasn’t really getting out of the house as much as I wanted to, and so I turned to Moss Agate. We’ve always had Moss Agate in our house and shop, but I’d never really paid too much attention to it until then. I started to put small pieces in my bedroom, bathroom, library anywhere where I spent time really, and I noticed that I was starting to feel more grounded, having more appreciation for the natural world. After a while of basically just spending time with moss agate, I noticed that I started to go outdoors more again. Going for walks in our local woods, practicing yoga, even meditating outside! Moss Agate definitely helped me to find my love for nature again and since then my love for moss agate has grown and grown. I went from placing tumbles and small towers around our house, to having huge statement pieces everywhere so that I could have even more of its beautiful energy surrounding me.

My final favourite crystal from my top three is of course Pink Amethyst, because who doesn’t love Pink Amethyst right?!

Pink Amethyst is a crystal that I’ve always loved, since the moment I saw it at our suppliers, but one that I’ve not always appreciated, and by that I mean its beautiful energy. When I was first introduced to pink amethyst, I was burying a lot of my childhood trauma deep inside, trying to forget about it. I remember when I first saw the crystal, we bought so much of it and did a whole Pink Amethyst live and it was amazing! I was enticed by its beauty, but at the time I didn’t really know why I was so drawn to it. One time when we were buying some new stock, I saw these huge Pink Amethyst slabs and asked my mum if I could keep one, and she said yes, and I was so happy! For the first few days I kept it on my bedside table, and then I would take it out of its stand and put it in my armchair with me while I was reading. I was obsessed. After a while I startled to meditate with it as well and found that it was helping me to unlock new things about myself! After a few months of having this slab, I found that I wasn’t spending so much time with Pink Amethyst anymore, and it was because it helped me to heal. Don’t get me wrong I still love pink amethyst now but I’m not as drawn to it an I used to be because its done its main job now. Its helped me to heal and move on from my childhood trauma and it even helped me with some of my anxiety. Now I love the crystal for its ability to facilitate spiritual growth and awareness, helping me to connect with my higher self and give me insight on my life’s purpose.

And those are my top three favourite crystals, as well as a bit about our journeys together. I hope you guys liked this blog post, and if you are interested in buying any of our ethically sourced, high grade crystals then you can head over to our website, or come and join us on one of our IG lives which are every Wednesday and Thursday at 7-8pm with new stock every week!

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