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Crystals for the Bathroom

Hey guys, in todays blog post I wanted to talk about crystals for the bathroom. I love to make my bathroom a calm space, where I can go and relax at the end of my day. Choosing the right crystals to keep in your bathroom can enhance the energy and ambiance of this often-overlooked space.

Bathrooms are where we begin and end our days, so incorporating certain crystals can help create a serene and revitalising environment. One of my personal favourites for the bathroom, is Clear Quartz.

This versatile crystal is known for its ability to amplify energy and purify spaces. Placing a Clear Quartz cluster or a small piece near the sink or on a windowsill can help clear any stagnant energy and promote a sense of clarity and cleanliness in your bathroom.

Another incredible crystal to keep in bathrooms is Amethyst. This calming and spiritually uplifting crystal can create a peaceful atmosphere, making it perfect for a bathroom where relaxation and self-care are essential. Amethyst can assist in reducing stress and anxiety, making it an excellent choice for unwinding in a soothing bath or meditation session. I also love to pop some amethyst into my baths, or on my shower shelfs, and I just find that it makes the evening that much more relaxing.


Black Tourmaline is a fantastic crystal for bathroom protection.

Bathrooms are where negative energies often get drained away, and Black Tourmaline can act as a shield against such energies. Place a piece of this crystal near the entrance or on a windowsill to ward off any negativity and keep the energy in your bathroom balanced and grounded.

I personally have all three of these crystals In my bathroom, and I love the energy that it fills the room with! However, even just having one of these crystals in your bathroom will make a huge difference to the energy, however together, these crystals will create a harmonious and rejuvenating bathroom space that supports both your physical and spiritual well-being. Also, all of these crystals are water safe, so you don’t even have to worry about spilling water! If any of you are interested in purchasing any of our high grade, ethically sourced crystals, then head over to our website now and see what beauties we have available.

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