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About Crystals: Features


Amethyst is renowned for its amazing ability to help ease anxieties and promote a sense of peace and calmness. The word Amethyst comes from the Ancient Greek word meaning ‘not intoxicated’ and thus it also does a brilliant job at clearing brain fog and aiding critical thinking and concentration. The healing powers of Amethyst help to make difficult decisions as painless as possible and for the higher good. A wonderful aid to natural empaths, keeping Amethyst around you will help to root your reality so as you are not overcome with negative or intense energies omitted from others.

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Pink Amethyst

A rare crystal, Pink Amethyst is the softer, more subtle version of purple amethyst. Pink amethyst has beautiful cleansing energy, transmuting negative energies in its space to more positive ones. It has a powerful yet gentle kick providing a real sense of personal power! Clarity is boosted and self doubt diminished – an equation for personal power! Pink Amethyst opens your heart chakra making you more ready to accept and offer love and tolerance in your life. It works beautifully with your intuition and clarity whilst also removing troubling thoughts and feelings. Overall providing a real sense of security and peace in your life. 


Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite is a beautiful crystal with amazing benefits to push you to be your best self! As if it lights a fire inside you pushing you on your right path, empowering you in a unique way in which no other crystal matches. Many people consider the benefits of Honey Calcite to be tangible and can almost be pinpointed from the moment it enters your life triggering you to make those changes. A great crystal for anyone in business-driven to success. It removes deep-seated fear-based emotions coming from past failures, or even fear of failure which is preventing you from moving forwards. Pushing you past self-doubt so you can follow your dreams. Providing a big dose of self-confidence and removing self-consciousness.



A rare crystal, Malachite works with the heart chakra to draw out negative energies, whilst clearing and activating the other chakras.  It encourages change by showing what blocks your spiritual growth and then allows you to move past it. It is known for aiding in female problems, especially surrounding menstrual cycles and in Labour and is also known as ‘The Midwife stone’. It resonates strongly with female sexual organs and can help overcome past sexual abuse and traumatic experiences. Malachite absorbs energies rather than transmuting them, thus cleansing it regularly is very important. 


Rose Quartz

The stone of universal love. Rose quartz is the master of the heart chakra. Its soft and gentle energy is not to be confused as weak. Increasing self-love and worth in your life. It brings peace of mind, patience with yourself, stress relief and soothing of emotional pain. It also works to aid all emotional relationships in your home – not just romantic. It provides comfort when dealing with a breakup or any form of heartache and is a master for manifesting a happier life. Working with the law of attraction, it connects you to universal love enabling you to in turn manifest that love, readily available from the universe, into your life in various forms. 



An extremely rare crystal, rhodochrosite emanates one of the most tender and loving energies of any crystal. Symbolising selfless love, but beyond providing empathy, it pushes you to act upon that selflessness in the best interest of others. It provides emotional stability, uplifting and maintaining your mood. Rhodochrosite stimulates creativity and increases the sense of personal power. Amazing for helping times of transition, especially in children when moving into higher schools or colleges. As an adult, Rhodochrosite will work to heal any childhood wounds or traumas, allowing you to better understand them and let go of the past. It is also great for anyone working with children, in schools, childcare, hospitals and so on. 


Black Moonstone

A stone of new beginnings, transformation and change. Black Moonstone has powerful protection vibrations to keep negative energies at bay, with beautiful, calming energy ( as with all of the moonstones). Helping overcome breakups or personal difficulties by allowing your heart to remain open yet prevent negativity to your own emotional body. A perfect crystal to be placed in the bedroom to balance or increase feminine emotions. 

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Like the sun carnelian is bold, fiery and passionate. Known to help aid creativity it is a fabulous aid for any artist to have nearby. Also known as ‘The Singers Stone’ It helps bring confidence in people performing or in the media. A magnet for prosperity and good luck as it feeds our determination, ambition and drive.



Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and success. Raises self-esteem, confidence and motivation. It cleanses all chakras, stimulates the brain and opens intuition. Promoting energy and motivation to those who harness it. Citrine is particularly good for those in business to increase the flow of money based energy from one hand to another. An excellent tool to bring positive energies into your life where they may be sparse, it attracts the negative energies into its field and transmutes them into more positive ones.



Flourite is the master of concentration! It increases intuition and deepens our connections with spirit. A highly protective stone that is also great for grounding, especially when working with upper chakras. Amazing for opening the third eye chakra, it stimulates spiritual expansion. One of the strongest crystals to use in manifestation as well as spiritual elevation. Meditating with fluorite allows It to fill your entire mind body and spirit with its high vibrations. 


Flower Agate

The stone of growth and transformation and manifestation. Flower agate represents our lives and how we all start as seeds that will gradually blossom into the beautiful flowers we are destined to be as we grow. It encourages self-growth and emotional balance. Connected to the sacred feminine energy, flower agate is nurturing and gentle with its energy, lovingly supporting you to be your best self. Flower agate focuses on your emotional and spiritual needs, which in turn can of course have a positive impact on the physical body also. It will bring a deep sense of calm, enabling you to fight the physical effects of stress, anxiety and depression. It will stimulate your sense of purpose in life and promote determination, ambition and courage to follow these dreams. 


Polychrome Jasper

Strongly connected to the element of fire, it embraces courage, creativity, balance and passion. It is extremely grounding deeply connecting you to Mother Earth. If you are trying to bring more passion or action into your life Polychrome Jasper will certainly facilitate this! It will feed your desires and reinvigorate your enthusiasm for life. Enhancing your spiritual and physical life, this kind of jasper is also perfect for attracting a new love or relationship into your life. It is the perfect aid for making a fresh start after major setbacks. Polychrome Jasper can also aid lucid dreaming and help to interpret your dreams, inspiring you to achieve great accomplishments! 

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Clear Quartz

The master healer! Clear quartz is renowned for being one of, if not the most, powerful of crystals. It is the best energy amplifier and will enhance the energies of any other crystals in its space. It will also amplify your manifestations when intentions are set to the crystal and it is worked with regularly. It will bring stability, love, abundance, prosperity and joy. The powerful, positive energy of Clear Quartz clears negative energy and thoughts, it can therefore be a great crystal for in the workplace. It will open your mind and crown chakra, connecting the physical and spiritual worlds - helping you to communicate with the divine energy of the universe.


Yellow Quartz

Yellow quartz is one of the rarer quartz crystals. Not to be confused with citrine or dyed quartz, yellow quartz is a natural yellow which undergoes a very gentle heating process to enhance( not alter)  the vibrancy of the natural crystal. It is an extremely energising crystal that uplifts the spirit and resonates strongly with the solar plexus chakra. Brilliant for those ‘stuck in a rut’ or feeling a little lost on their paths, it renews your energy and zest for life, bringing a sense of refreshed clarity and thirst for life. It is quick working and provides a real sense of warm energy and positivity into your thoughts. It will clear and focus the mind, aiding you to make the best decisions for your true path. Dispelling lethargy and procrastination, it can be a great crystal to keep in a workspace. Yellow quartz is amazing for increasing self confidence and worth and is a real aid when working on boosting your self worth. 



One of the oldest crystals known to us used for spiritual protection throughout history. Garnet embodies the element of fire, which in spirituality represents transformation and transmutation. Perfect for helping you start the changing process internally to help you become the person you desire to be. Garnet is an extremely passionate crystal and is used by both men and women to increase libido and attraction. Allowing you to feel comfortable with your own sexual power. It will also aid creativity and enable you to be more confident with your own artistic activities. Ultimately Garnet will help transform you into the most confident and passionate version of yourself.


Spirit Quartz

An extremely beautiful rare crystal found only in South Africa. As the name suggests, spirit quartz is all about connecting you to the spirit realm through your crown chakra. It will help you grow on your spiritual journey and enlightenment. Vibrating at a very high frequency, spirit quartz will enable deeper meditation and insight coming through from the spirit realm. Providing a real sense of ‘oneness’ between yourself and the universe. Spirit quartz provides a real sense of comfort to those left behind in the grief of loved ones. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, spirit quartz is a great crystal to keep nearby to relieve anxieties and worries.



Charoite is an extremely rare crystal only found in Siberia. Because it is hard to come by, is significantly more expensive than a lot of other semi-precious gemstones. Known as ‘The Soul Stone’, Charoite heals on both physical and emotional levels. Charoite removes negativity from your life and also gives you protection from it re-entering. It can help overcome compulsive behaviours and traits, and also aid you in taking responsibility for your mistakes and actions. An insightful stone, Charoite teaches you many things about life and love, helping you navigate life and making yourself shine. It reminds you to live in there here and now, creating the memories you will cherish in later life


Golden Rutile

Golden Rutile can clear energy blockages of all the chakras – and energize them. It is a powerful amplifier of your thoughts, enabling you to make contact with your highest self/Divine Mind. Golden rutile stimulates spiritual creativity and increases your power to manifest what you truly desire in life due to its strong amplifying energy. Golden rutile is also very supportive and can assist you in letting go of past issues which have had a negative impact on your life.



Obsidian is an Igneous rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava from Volcanoes. It has been used through the ages to connect the spiritual and physical worlds. Obsidian has a very strong ability to absorb and is often used in Feng Shui and for protection. It also cleanses psychic smog and enables us to see things more clearly. Working with the root chakra, it is most commonly used for grounding, cleansing and protection and has a strong connection to the Earth. Drawing out negative energy and back into the Earth where it is then neutralised.



Connected with the heart and throat chakras, chrysocolla draws out guilt, heals heartache and increases our capacity to love. Chrysocolla also works with the throat chakra to improve our communication, enabling you to channel the love in your heart to other people. Chrysocolla encourages self awareness and inner balance and wisdom. It has a calming and soothing energy, bringing tranquillity, peace, intuition, and patience. It is known as a healing stone among Native American cultures where it has been used to strengthen the body’s resistance to illness and emotional pain.


Blue Lace Agate

One of the rarest crystals in the World, Blue Lace is only found in 1 mine in Namibia which was closed in 2016. Only around 30% of mined pieces weigh more than 1kg and thus large pieces of Blue Lace are extremely rare. Blue Lace is an extremely soft and gentle energy and is one of the best crystals for relieving stress. Due to its amazing calming energy it is also an extremely powerful tool to aid restful sleep. Blue Lace will rest an overactive mind and enable the body and mind to rest and recharge. Linked to the throat chakra, blue lace is the perfect crystal to calm nerves or anxiety before a speaking engagement or tough conversation, enabling you to communicate as your highest self. The absolute best crystal to use for calming nerves and easing stress in our busy lives.


Red Calcite

Red Calcite is a confident boosting, positivity inducing, cleanser! Associated with grounding and vitality. It increases our willingness to experience new things in life and reminds us to enjoy them! Whilst also keeping us grounded, protecting our emotional boundaries. Red Calcite will help clear out old stagnant patterns or routines which are no longer serving our highest good, whilst increasing our motivation and drive to implement new ones. One of the best crystals for studying, red calcite will clear away any negativity or lethargy and instil confidence and willpower. 


Blue Calcite

A beautiful calming and soothing energy. Calming our emotions and clearing negative vibrations. Connected with the third eye chakra and throat chakra blue calcite is excellent for developing your psychic and intuitive abilities and aids spiritual healing. Removing blockages that may have stunted your ability to boost your spiritual gifts. Blue calcite is a brilliant crystal for encouraging more meaningful dreams and stimulating dream recall. It also has a very specific energy which makes it beneficial to have in your home or business to discourage those whom may wish to steal from you. If you work in a job where clear and honest communication is important, keeping blue calcite around you will aid this. 


Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a powerful crystal for lifting depression and negativity. It disperses fear, relieves stress and anxiety whilst prompting more positive thoughts. It helps ground us to Earth and opens up the root and solar plexus chakras. A brilliant aid for concentration, preventing a wondering mind from stalling your focus. Smokey Quartz not only clears your mind but allows you to be more level headed and find the drive and determination you may have lost. Smokey Quartz has an amazing transformative energy, pushing you into a new life direction if you are unhappy with your current path. Channelling your manifestations into your smokey quartz daily will let the universe hear the path in which you want to take.


Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian is a variety of obsidian which has been highly polished so when exposed to a strong, bright light, various layers of colours can be seen. These are completely natural and are caused by the pyroxene’s nanoparticle inclusions. Connected to the root chakra, it pulls us back down to Earth instead of being swept up in our emotions, especially after a heart break. It enables you to see the root cause or reasons behind emotional problems and gently enables you to resolve them. Giving you the courage to start your emotional healing, especially after a broken heart or in grief.


Pink Calcite

Connected to the Heart Chakra, pink calcite focuses on loving yourself at the purest level. Similar to the energy of Rose Quartz, pink calcite is a pure loving stone. Being a calcite it also cleanses and energises all of the chakras with the strongest focus on that of the heart.


Mangano Calcite

This special variety of calcite is made up of over 30% Manganese and unfortunately, many crystals labelled as Mangano simply are not! Mangano calcite is a true healer of the heart, promoting compassion, joy, self love, peace and self healing. It provides the strength to enable you to push through any unresolved traumas to the heart, so that you may reach true inner peace. Mangano calcite slowly shows you your true self, bringing about a sense of security, happiness and self love for the real you.



Connected to the heart and solar plexus chakras. Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and healing. It aids in the de-cluttering of our life, whether it be possessions, people or places which no longer serve us, prehnite will help in letting go of these in a gentle way. It links our solar plexus and heart chakras, assisting you in living your life in your truest way. Prehnite is known for alleviating nightmares phobias and deep fears, showing us the root of where these come from and helping us heal these. Prehnite is also beneficial for calming hyperactive children. It aids in cooling excessive anger or nervous energy and encourages a sense of peace and calm. Prehnite is also known as a stone of magic, aiding us to connect with angels, spirit guides and The Divine Mind.

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Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz is thought to be left to us by the ancient civilisation of Lemeria. It is said that these gentle, highly spiritual wise beings programmed their knowledge into the crystals and buried them in the Earth. They are only found when one is ready to receive the knowledge the crystal contains. The more you work with Lemurian Quartz the more you will learn. Whether it be emotional healing, increase in concentration or higher spiritual enlightenment, you will only receive the information you are ready to receive. Lemurian Quartz are a tool for working on your own spiritual growth rather than on others.

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An amazingly spiritual crystal! Selenite connects us to the angelic realms and opens our crown chakra to the Universe. When used during meditation it can help us in connecting with The Divine Mind and will strengthen this connection. Selenite can help us to access past lives and wisdom and reveal any lessons we may need to hear. Selenite is also very protective and is great for placing in your home to keep away negative energy and retain a peaceful and tranquil home.


Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a strong protection, healing, and spiritual stone. It helps us to release negativity of the past holding us back from becoming our best selves and being ‘present’ in the now. Black Onyx can help us in separating from situations or people in our lives which do not align with our true nature and bring unhappiness. Black Onyx guides us to making good decisions and is a great stone for entrepreneurs. Black Onyx aligns our mind, body and spirit with our highest selves and the universe, enabling us to truly manifest all we desire without letting negativity creep in.


Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is connected with the heart chakra and promotes comfort and healing. Green aventurine can be used to help heal a blocked heart chakra by increasing our empathy towards others and being more open to give and accept love. Green aventurine encourages healing through the whole body and the aura, releasing negativity and energy blocks. It will both open and protect the heart chakra, helping us to let go of unhealthy patterns in relationships and be open to finding new, better solutions.


Lavender Rose Quartz

A beautiful variety of rose quartz with a high level of titanium or manganese giving it it’s beautiful lilac colouring. Lavender rose quartz connects strongly with your heart chakra, but with an added layer of protection. It is a stone of self-love, self-esteem and friendship. It reminds us to look after those we love but to also give ourselves that same nurturing, alleviating any sense of self-worth or low self-esteem. It reminds us that whatever we may face in life, love will always be there in one form or another. Lavender rose quartz insists we first look after ourselves and then others, only then can we give the world the best version of ourselves.


Orange Calcite

An amazingly energising and positive vibration energy. Orange calcite will elevate even the darkest mood, bringing a sense of light and happiness. Linked to the sacral and solar plexus chakras, orange calcite will cleanse and re-energise these chakras, along with your aura, clearing away any blockages. Orange calcite will help you to move away from old patterns or habits which no longer serve your highest good and push you towards the right path.



Labradorite is strongly connected with the third eye and crown chakras. Known as ‘The Dreamers Stone’ it teaches us that our dreams are actually a reality and helps us link our physical world with that of spirit. It inspires us to reach for our dreams and that anything is possible if we just believe it to be. Labradorite will support you to make bold decisions and changes in your life to reach your highest potential.


Golden Healer

Golden Healer is the master healer of the highest vibration. Golden healer opens our crown chakra to the universe and allows the beautiful golden rays to fill our body healing us on every level. Working from the crown chakra down, golden healer removes any blockages and cleanses each and every chakra. Enabling a true sense of peace and healing. A beautiful, gentle yet powerful energy. Golden Healer also promotes connection with the universe and enhances spiritual connections.


Zebra/Phantom Calcite

Also known as Phantom calcite, zebra calcite is a new find only found in Mexico at present.  It is a strong transformation crystal, zebra calcite will enable you to transform every aspect of your life to reach your true path. Zebra Calcite will start with your emotions, quickly highlighting what may be suppressed and needs to heal. By showing us these emotions initially, it then provides us with the strength and guidance to realise we all have scars and they make us who we are. However, we do not need to carry the pain of these around for the rest of our lives. Zebra calcite helps us to acknowledge, accept and release. Making us stronger as we grow.



Kunzite is a rare crystal connecting the heart with the mind and removing blockages between the two. Kunzite is strongly connected to your emotions, enabling you to feel them in your heart but then manage them in the best way with your mind. It is especially connected with feminine energy and can help mothers through post natal depression and when struggling with their children. It also helps overactive children calm and can aid troubled sleeping patterns. Kunzite can restore your faith in humanity and trust in mankind when you have been hurt in the past.


White Onyx

White Onyx is full of positive energy and is much rarer than the black onyx regularly found. White Onyx is great for managing stress on a regular basis – if you have a stressful  job or high levels of stress in your life white onyx will help you learn how to best manage this. It will increase your patience and willingness to understand and accept things which are out of your control. It will improve your concentration to get your jobs done which may be adding to your stress levels. White Onyx will also keep your motivation levels high to achieve your dreams and goals.

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